Author's transformational course,

your journey to your true self


AVPOETRY JOURNEY - author's transformational course,

your journey to your true self

AVPOETRY JOURNEY is a course about love, sexuality, self-confidence, inner support, relaxation, removing blocks and clamps that accumulate in every woman living in modern society, the strength of the family, tantric techniques, accepting and understanding your body and the processes taking place in it, about filling the body and heart with love, ceremonial attitude to the body, allowing yourself to ENJOY yourself.

The task of the course is to return femininity to its greatness!

About the course
AVPOETRY JOURNEY - this is the author's transformational course, your journey to your true self!
You are waiting for 11 weeks of inspiration and transformation, lectures, webinars, practical lessons, meditations, general chats, feedback, homework, and more.THIS IS A COURSE FOR A WOMAN, A COURSE ABOUT A WOMAN. This is a bold, ambitious course about sensual female transformation, the power of the inner voice, and the courage to be authentic, desired, free, prosperous, and have the authorship of your own life.

"Your world is a projection of your inner state"
You can endlessly “work through”, and study videos and articles from available sources, but never implement
new actions in life. The psyche perceives this as informational noise. For real transformations, complete immersion, regularity, decisions made, and a single powerful field are necessary.
On the course, we give you the keys to knowing the real you. You will find what will work for you.
And, most importantly, we will teach you how to integrate the new STATE into life.

Our mission is to show you your potential!

your best investment in yourself.
This is your quantum leap into a new reality.
A course is about abundance in a beautiful balance.
About beautiful FEMALE energy, about a resource that helps to do EVERYTHING from the STATE OF RESOURCE, without burnout, anxiety, and fears.

This is an invaluable experience, the best practices from POSSIBLE.
Transformations in the field of abundance, strength, and beauty.


Week 1
-A woman's awakening
-Studying the Wild Woman archetype
-What is Resource Femininity?
- Romance with you own life

Week 2
-Introduction to the Heart and Soul
- Inner Alchemy
- Turning on, activating, and attuning to the inner self

Week 3
-Journey to a place of your power
- Work in the "Personal account"
- Creating reality

Week 4
-The balance of masculine and feminine,
anima and animus
-Shadow aspects
Week 5

-Working with archetypes of Greek goddesses
-Constellations method "Goddess inside you"
- The path of the hero, working with the shadow through constellations

Week 6

- Arcane numerology

-Style and energy

- Wardrobe of your emotions

Week 7
-Practice "Tree of the Family"
-Activation of the resource and energy of the ancestors
- Healing the inner child

Week 8

- Talking to the body, self-regulation in motion

-Activation of energy centers

Week 9

- Sexual energy


-Flirting with the world

Week 10

- Abundance. The art of living in the material world.

- Manifestation of desires

Week 11
-New start
Meeting in Italy
About Anna
My name is Anna Vedeneeva, I am 35 years old, I was born in Moscow and have been living in Italy for 10 years.
I graduated from Polimoda in Florence with a degree in fashion design and marketing.
Immediately after I graduated, I launched my clothing line. I worked for a decade in a Fashion Business.
But during the lockdown, as a result of internal transformations, I began to study psychology in Italy, also the topics of spirituality, harmony, love, and happiness - and as a result, my vision of fashion also changed.

So 3 years ago I created this course, in which I combined the topics of resourceful femininity, abundance, inner harmony, and self-love.

''Absolutely everything that we teach in the AVPOETRY JOURNEY program, I, first of all, try on myself, and not just try, it becomes my way of being.''
Anna Vedeneeva
''I feel like I found my place in this world and I am happy that through this course, through my creativity and energy, I can inspire women to love themselves and realize their potential.

So any school and teaching are important not only for the knowledge that the teacher gives you but also for the energy of the teacher.
The important thing is through what energy it passes the knowledge that you absorb into yourself.''

"I'll take your hand and lead you into the world,
where joy, happiness, and love reign.
I will teach you to feel and understand your path.
Enjoy the magic of life, and love
yourself, your family, and the world.
Learn to smile with your heart.
I'll tell you about the components of the female resource state, about archetypes, style ...
I will give you tools to help you better understand and know yourself.
Create your reality here and now.
You will become the creator and MUSE of your life."

With love, Anna

About Yulia
Julia Zbozhnyakevich - Energy Therapist, Biomechanics Specialist, Bioenergy and Psychosynthesis Therapist.

Yulia will take you to the very depths of the subconscious. Under her sensitive, loving, and professional mentoring, you will dive into the very depths of yourself without an elder and shed light into the darkest places of the body and subconscious. Get to know your heart and soul
with your energy and energy and physical potential.

Why did I once decide to create a course with Yulia?

Yulia has been my spiritual guide for many years and the one who once showed me that being happy and loved is our own choice.
That no sacrifice is worth our only life in this body.
That there is no point in pretending to be happy, you must do everything in your power to be happy.
She showed me by her example that you can truly be happy.

With Yulia you:

-Will learn how to replenish your energy

resource, learn to manage your energy,

hear your inner voice

-You will learn the mechanisms of formation of internal blocks and how to get rid of them.

Feel your body, and learn the secrets of beauty, youth, and health.

-You will learn to feel your inner potential and get to know your soul, inner child, and adult, and you will visit your place of power.

You will do magical author's practices under Yulia's sensitive guidance.

“Why spend money and time on a course if you have the Internet?”
For a quality change, total immersion is essential.
We will develop the basic skills of contact with ourselves, without which we can endlessly “work out”, but never introduce new actions into life.

“How can a course meet my needs?”

We do not give "universal" solutions and ready-made answers, but the keys to knowing who you are. You allow yourself to live the way you want, not the “right” way.
"Will I be able to complete the course if I still have studies/work/children/holidays, etc. at the same time?"
We follow the course in a comfortable format for everyone, even if you have studies, work, children, and now also summer and holidays, you can still immerse yourself in the course field in a mode that is comfortable for you.
TC, all lectures and meditations will be in your podcast format, and all live broadcasts, practices, and master classes will remain in your recording.

“Why start if I often don’t finish courses?”

The psyche resists the unknown, and this is normal.
At the start, we will give recommendations on how to deal with sabotage and doubt.
On the course, you will have 2 mentors who will always support you at such moments and help you get into the rhythm of learning.

“Will there be an effect from the practices if I already meditate?”

Our author's meditations come in an integrated approach with the entire course line, these are not just meditations but literally work with your body, soul, and space.
This is a multidimensional work with oneself at different levels.
These are meditations aimed not at relaxation, but at strengthening the sense of self and concentration.
They are designed to change themselves at the quantum level.
If you are READY to let love, sensuality, freedom, abundance, lightness, and pleasure into your life, then we are waiting for you at
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