"Our purpose: to embrace our energies and allow them to flow freely through us."
How to breathe more life into our own existence?
The answer lies in assembling ourselves into a cohesive structure made of our very own energy
"Your path to yourself is unique and individual. Energo-totems represent the energetic language of the human structure."

The method of Energy Diagnostics, created by a clinical psychologist using statistical methods in data analysis within a psychoanalytic context, has its main advantages:

1. Objectivity in analysis:
Statistical methods allow for a more systematic and objective approach to the analysis of energetic data. This reduces the degree of subjectivity often present in traditional diagnostic methods.

2. Individualization of approach:
Statistical psychoanalysis can ensure the individualization of diagnostics, taking into account the variety of energetic patterns in different individuals. This helps adapt the method to the unique needs of each person.

3. Transformational aspects:
Analysis of diagnostic results using statistics can identify the transformational aspects of energetics, contributing to the development of more effective strategies in psychoanalytic practice.

Such an innovative method, combining psychoanalytic principles and statistical data analysis, is a powerful tool for a deeper understanding of oneself.
About Diagnosis
What will your energy tell you through the elements?

It's about guiding you on the beautiful, harmonious path that's uniquely yours. It's about stepping out of illusions about yourself and the world, breaking free from generational and mental programs, hearing and truly listening to yourself, being kind to yourself, and much more.

I will impart knowledge on how to discover yourself entirely, activate your energy, inner resources, and talents.
''If you get the inside right,the outside will fall into place. Primary reality is within;secondary reality without.''

Eckhart Tolle
I'll help you remember, 'who you are?'
What fills you with resource and energy.
How the energy of abundance looks and manifests within your Elemental Circle and totems.

I'll share how to transcend beyond boundaries, limitations, and perceptions, and see your path with the heart.

Do you have the courage to bring into the light all the treasures hidden within you?
Your encounter with your inner
Understanding your ELEMENTS AND ENERGY-TOTEMS will assist you in better comprehending yourself, shaping your goals and intentions more authentically. Often, we expend immense energy trying to become someone we are not or striving to achieve goals and dreams imposed upon us externally.
But what is it that YOU WANT? Who are you truly?
"Your abundance depends on the quality of your connection with yourself, your contact with your energy, soul, and body."
How the Diagnosis Unfolds:
Determining Your Elements
Your elements decode the keys to understanding your energy. Through the elements, we unveil your ancestral programs and essential growth points to initiate energy flow.
Entry Point: Connecting with the 1st Energy, You Recall,
'Who Am I?'
Identifying your first energy totem – your calling card, a highly noticeable energy that resonates with you and those around you.

Key to Your RESOURCE
The second point is your resource energy totem, the pathway through which energy flows to the state of 'In Resource.'
'Golden Shadows'
The third point introduces your Inner Adult, also known as the 'Gold of our Shadow' or 'financial karma.' This totem tells the story of what energy blocks your money flow and what energy activates it in turn.
'Shadow of Shadows'
The fourth diagnostic point is a bifurcation, the energies you 'fall into' – life lessons, stumbling blocks, soul's purpose. It's the magical portal through which we enter our CENTER, our CORE.
Finally, the fifth totem is the assembly point of your totemic circle, the center of your energy, the energy in beautiful balance, the energy we strive towards – our guiding star, our 'strong field'.

The value of a beautiful journey to your energy center
Free of charge
I'd be delighted to address your questions and offer you a 30-minute consultation. There's no active selling involved; we'll simply get acquainted, and you'll discern if there's an internal resonance with working together.
I want it!
Comprehensive diagnosis of elements, energy totems in PDF format (approximately 30 pages)
I want it!
My individual mentorship is designed for those who want to live a full life, discover themselves, and love themselves. It revolves around self-service and aligning with your values.

Love and trust form a unified life philosophy.

The program consists of 8 individual sessions, during which I will personally tailor the program for you based on your diagnosis and your needs. I will be in touch with you throughout the mentorship.

You will achieve internal wholeness and harmony, inner tranquility, and a sense of inner support. You'll learn to manage emotions, leverage feelings for personal growth, activate your inner strength and sensuality.
You'll enter a state of 'Self-Worth.'
About me
My name is Anna Vedeneyeva, and I am the creator of the AVPOETRY JOURNEY course, specializing in the activation of femininity and resourceful states through energy work.

I earned my education as a designer and marketer in the world of fashion business in Florence at Polimoda. For many years, I operated my own showroom in the heart of Moscow. This experience elevated my earning potential and enabled me to launch my own clothing line.

During the lockdown period, as a result of internal transformations, I began exploring topics of spirituality, harmony, love, and happiness. Consequently, my perspective on fashion underwent a significant shift.

Three years ago, I developed a course that seamlessly blended the realms of external and internal harmony. Over time, the course evolved into what it is today: a transformative space for women. In this space, my team and I assist women in finding themselves and their strength, helping them realize that femininity is incredibly resourceful, beautiful, and abundant.

During the creation of #avpoetry_journey, I pursued diverse additional education, delving into bioenergetics, psychosynthesis, energy diagnostics, working with the biofield, archetypal psychology, and totemic animal work.

It's crucial to reclaim your energy and resources from the past and future and channel them into your present.
Anna Vedeneeva
I feel at home in this world and am grateful that through my work, creativity, and energy, I can inspire women to love themselves and unleash their potential.

In any interaction or learning experience, it's not just about the knowledge imparted by the teacher but, above all, the energy of the teacher.

It matters through what energy they transmit the knowledge that you absorb within yourself.

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